Day 3 in the studio - "I'm only in this band because I slept with the trumpet player."

So it’s day 3 in the studio. We have muffins, energy drinks, distortion and a novelty red pirate hat. The bass and drums were finished in day one and two and we are currently watching Johns hair majestically quiver as he competes with himself to jam out his guitar parts in front of a near by fan.  

Despite constant abuse, food runs and poor takes, overall we have gained a momentum that has allowed six out of an original target of five songs to start to take shape. This productive pace can in no small part be attributed to Todd Campbell of Straight Lines. In between highlighting colorful boxes of soundwaves on the monitor and clicking on things to make them do other things, he leaves no room for insecurities or egocentric tantrums. Saying that, Laura hasn’t recorded her vocal parts yet.

Here she is reacting to reading that last sentence. More soon!