We're still here!!!!

We'l be locking ourselves away in a cottage in west Wales soon to crack down on the difficult second album. If the wait is too much however please check out some of the band member's solo//adjacent//perpendicular//neighbouring projects!

As well as Shadow Theory Dean and Laura have solo soundcloud pages. You can find some recent heartfelt acoustic punk from Dean here:

Laura's been experimenting with some electronic indie vibes coupled with her knack for writing heart wrenching lyrics which you may find here:

Edd and John are involved in a post-rock outfit so if you hate lyrics then you can find them here: False Hope For The Savage

Angela is busy finishing up her Phd and working on publishing some academia in the near future. There's no music, but you could read some of her work to a tune if you're so inclined (if you do please record it!!)

Hope that'l keep you going for now! Sorry for the recent radio silence. We will be back soon with some new songs!!